.NET Search API - Documents advance searching and indexing

Basic and advance search functionality to retrieve full text and metadata from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Text documents.

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GroupDocs.Search  for .NET

GroupDocs.Search for .NET


GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a fascinating document search API. It extracts text and metadata from documents and performs advance searching and indexing operations on the basis of fuzzy and synonym algorithms. API also supports full text search. Information retrieval on the basis of full text search is based on indexes. All documents having at least one match in phrases, para or words will be listed as a result.

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Advanced Document Search API Features



Multiple basic and advance searching methods


Search Object Types


Search by Index


Fuzzy Search


Text occurrences


Synonym Search


Basic metadata fields


Simple Search


File names




Document Types


Regular expression: Regex


Document created and modified dates




Update Index : Index folder is always updated when ever a document is modified, added or deleted to keep search results upto date


Index Email Messages : Index outlook PST and OST files email messages Simultaneous search on multiple indices


Create Index : Index folder is created and documents are added/indexed to that folder. indices are created to collect, parse or store data for fast and accurate searching

Installation and Usage

API files can be installed/downloaded directly as:

Once the APIs package is installed using any of the these sources – just add reference of GroupDocs.Search.dll file and you are ready to start search different documents within your applications.

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