Build Powerful Solutions to View, Convert, Compare, Merge, and Edit Documents

Using GroupDocs APIs, you can develop .NET and Java apps for seamless document viewing, file conversion, editing, comparison, annotation, metadata retrieval, and digital signing in PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PNG, PUB, PSD, ODT, MP3, MSG, and more file formats.

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We at GroupDocs know how hard it is to digitally manage your data files, so we've effectively made it easy. We support more than 50 file types, including business documents and image formats. It means you can handle processing your files without investing in different solutions. Build high-performance apps in C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, and Java with our lightning-fast, powerful, and scalable libraries that don't depend on operating systems or frameworks. Boost productivity and streamline workflows with our versatile document management tools.

Independently automate your document and image processing tasks

Let's build your document processing apps together

GroupDocs is the only provider with a comprehensive, cross-platform feature set and services to automate document creation, processing, conversion, and delivery.


Product Family

An exclusive package that gives you the ability to work with hundreds of well-known file types by combining all of our separate offerings into a single product.

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Automate the processing and management of your digital files by developing Win Forms and ASP.NET-based apps using GroupDocs.Total for .NET package.

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Build dynamic mobile or web apps in multiple Java environments to keep up with your document and image processing requirements with GroupDocs.Total for Java.

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Native file viewer APIs to easily render documents and images in .NET and Java.

APIs to annotate documents in .NET and Java or to apply illustrative annotations to images.

Lightning fast .NET and Java libraries to convert files in your cross-platform apps.

Apply difference checker functionality to your .NET and Java documents using file comparison libraries.

Electronically sign your personal or official documents in a true platform-independent environment.

Perform file generation and reporting on your multi-format documents in .NET and Java.

Manipulate, search, or utilize documents metadata inside your .NET or Java applications.

Integrate text search or indexing features, use fuzzy or regex searching in your .NET and Java apps.

Add parsing and text or image extraction features to your C# .NET or Java applications.

Conveniently apply different types of watermarks to your cross-platform documents and images.

Edit documents by integrating with different types of HTML editors in .NET and Java.

Feature-rich .NET and Java libraries to help you merge and split popular document formats.

Redact documents, images, and personal or business files using .NET and Java redaction APIs.

Categorize and classify documents using different taxonomies by utilizing .NET classification libraries.

Prominent Document Processing Features


Enterprise-grade document search and indexing for retrieving any keyword or phrase using simple, Boolean, fizzy, and regex search in your .NET and Java apps.


Render various data files and images by building high-quality file viewer components in C# .NET and Java to display PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, VSD, MPP, PNG, PSD, and more formats.


Easy-to-use libraries to annotate PDF files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, diagrams, emails, and web files in .NET and Java platforms.


Full-featured libraries to compare documents and images in .NET and Java, also detect differences in documents and file contents including words, paragraphs, charts, and tables.


Combine multiple documents into a single PDF file, merge PDF, MS Office, OpenDocument, XPS, eBooks, Text, and image files in your mobile or HTML web apps.


Build high-end file conversion applications in .NET and Java for changing different data formats such as converting PDF to Word, Excel to PDF, PDF to JPG, and more.


Cross-platform document APIs to extract raw or formatted text and images or parse documents, ebooks, and your secure files in .NET and Java apps.


Fetch and manage metadata from PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, MS Project, OneNote, OpenDocument, Audio, Video, and raster image files.


Completely platform-independent libraries for document redaction in .NET and Java which allow users to redact, hide and erase sensitive user data effortlessly.

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