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Here you will find detailed information about our policies regarding purchase and renewal. We have also compiled a list of frequently asked questions which you can consult to quickly get answers to your questions. If you have any query which you feel is not addressed by the resources present here then please do contact our sales staff, we would be more than happy to provide any assistance that we can.

Purchase Policies

If you are planning to purchase any GroupDocs product(s) and want to learn more about our purchase policies related to subscriptions, discounts, payment methods, refunds and upgrades etc. then this is what you are looking for. More..

Renewal Policies

If your license or subscription is expired or about to expire and you are looking for some information related to subscription renewals then you will find all related information here. More..

Purchase FAQs

If you have any purchase related questions, please feel free to check the list of these most frequently asked questions because you may also find the similar questions already answered here. More..

End User License Agreement

By installing, downloading, copying or otherwise using GroupDocs product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement... More...

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For all Sales or licensing related queries, please contact our sales staff.