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We have created a number of API Software Development Kits (SDKs) for our Restful API; we've created them for most of the widely used programming languages.
Kits are available for .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python & Javascript. All kits are currently beta, we'd love to hear any feedback you have on using our SDK's.



We have started creating a number of plugins for integrating different GroupDocs Apps with various popular platforms; the first plugins that we have created are for WordPress and Joomla. For WordPress, we've created the GroupDocs Embedded Viewer plugin and for Joomla, we've created the GroupDocs Embedded Viewer extension; this extension has the ability to upload directly from within the plugin to your GroupDocs account. All plugins and extensions are currently in beta.

Plugin Page


We do offer multiple storage service provisions for our dedicated users as well as our stable default GroupDocs storage. We work closely with different storage service providers to bring their service to our document management solutions.

At present, we’ve joined hands with two storage service vendors to make their services available to our customers. Now, you can select Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure as your default storage service provider. This gives you the chance to upload large volumes of files for use as input into various GroupDocs applications.


GroupDocs Sync App

GroupDocs Sync App is a synchronization application that lets you synchronize GroupDocs documents to your computer and vice versa. With GroupDocs Sync App installed, you can now access documents on your GroupDocs account from within your computer. Also, you can synch documents from your computer back to the GroupDocs account.

GroupDocs Synch App installer is available for Windows, Linux and Mac versions. Simply download and install this synch app to enhance your GroupDocs experience.

GroupDocs Sync App page

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