How to Create a Folder in GroupDocs Dashboard

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GroupDocs Dashboard Folders How to Search for a Folder

   How to Create a Folder in Dashboard

You can create a folder in GroupDocs and store different files in it. The following steps give you information on how to create a folder in the GroupDocs Dashboard:

  1. On the dashboard, click .

    Result: The Add new Folder screen pops up.

  2. In the text field, enter a name for the folder to be created (for example, New Folder), and then click Create.

    Result: A new folder is created and is displayed in the File/folder browser area.

    While creating a new folder, if you want the new folder to be created within an existing folder, you need to open that specific existing folder, and then create a folder using the steps explained here.

    Under the the parent folder, you can view the dates in which the folder is created and modified, and the type of the file and the number of files or folders inside it.
  • To view the contents inside the parent folder, click the folder name, for example, click New Folder.

    Result: All contents inside the specific folder are displayed.

  • To go back to the Folder/file browser area from within a parent folder or child folder, click ? .

    Repeat this step until you reach the Folder/file browser area.
  • To go back to a parent folder from a child folder, click ?

  • Also, you can select a specific file directly from the displayed path as shown in the screenshot given below.

GroupDocs Dashboard Folders How to Search for a Folder

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