GroupDocs Introduced New Pricing Plans for Its Document Management Solutions


We've recently introduced a set of new pricing plans for our document management solutions. Our objective is to make GroupDocs apps appealing to all types of users or groups, regardless of their size. We have launched these new plans after collecting valuable feedback from our customers.

GroupDocs introduced new pricing plans for its document management solutions

Fig.1: GroupDocs introduced new pricing plans for its document management solutions

Pricing Plan Types

As well as the Free plan, we have three other pricing plans:

  • Individual: Available for $10 per month. This plan is ideal for one user. It includes: 1 GB storage capacity, 200 monthly document tokens, 5000 API calls and much more. In addition, you can add as many documents as you like as long as you stay within the specified storage capacity. You also get access to all of the GroupDocs apps.
  • Group: Available for $19 per month for up to 9 users. This plan exactly matches the requirements of small to mid-sized group. It includes: 3 GB storage capacity per user, unlimited monthly document tokens, 10000 API calls per user and so on. This plan also lets you use all the GroupDocs apps.
  • Enterprise: Available for $24 per month for between 10 and 50 users. This plan starts with 10 users and has an upper limit of 50 users. However, if you want more users, our sales team can help you out. This plan is tailor-made for enterprises with many employees. This plan includes 5 GB storage capacity per user, unlimited monthly document tokens, unlimited API calls per user, etc., in addition to all the features available to the other two plans. The Enterprise plan does not put restrictions on any feature.

We offer world-class security to all our plans by ensuring 256-bit SSL protection, making all your transactions extremely protected. All these plans are available for 1 month free trial before you start paying. So this 30 days trail period lets you explore all the features available in your selected plan. This helps you to thoroughly check the application before you seal the deal. We are sure that you will like our applications and would love to stick with us, so this 1 month window is more like a warm-up for our valued subscribers before making a long-term commitment. Apart from introducing these new plans, GroupDocs is still continuing with its Free user plan, which has some restrictions on usage. We are really excited that we’ve had all the tools needed for document management under one roof at a nominal price.

How to Upgrade

Now, let's get to know some simple steps on how to upgrade your existing GroupDocs subscription plan to a more privileged one:

Step 1: In the user details area, click Upgrade.

Upgrading your account

Fig.2: Upgrading your account

Step 2: From the available plans, choose the one that suits you best, and click Buy Now.

Choose a plan that best suits your document management requirements

Fig.3: Choose a plan that best suits your document management requirements

Note: When you select the Groups or Enterprise plans, you need to select the number of users. The price increases accordingly.

Step 3: In the Payment Details window, fill out your billing address and credit card details, and then click Buy Now to complete the account upgrade process.

Fill your details to complete the account upgradation process

Fig.4: Fill your details to complete the account upgradation process

So why wait, please sign in now and upgrade to take your documentation management to a whole new level. Dont have an account at GroupDocs? No worries! please join us right now to instantly indulge in next-generation documentation management.


Compare Word Documents Online with GroupDocs’ Document Comparison Tool

GroupDocs Comparison is a web-based tool that allows you to compare Word documents, as well as PDF, Excel and other documents online. It combines two documents and highlights differences. While comparing documents, the app generates a redline and blueline view of how the documents differ. GroupDocs' document comparison tool highlights the differences this way: red strike-outs show deleted text and formatting; and blue underlines show added text and formatting.

GroupDocs Comparison is mainly used to compare two Word documents. Our document comparison tool also supports PPTX, PDF, and Excel document formats, but they are in a beta stage.

Compare Word documents online

Compare Word documents online

Why Compare Documents with the GroupDocs' Comparison Tool?

With numerous collaborators performing modifications and revisions, maintaining an audit trail of document versions is quite a difficult task. Document comparison is especially useful when managing document revisions over time, specifically when modifications were made without change tracking. GroupDocs Comparison is a convenient document comparison tool that helps you compare Word documents in minutes, saving time.

Here are the key benefits of GroupDocs' document comparison tool:

  • Avoid the time consuming cut-and-paste and merge methods.
  • Compare Word documents in any language and of any size.
  • Compare documents to determine the latest version. This lets you identify and remove obsolete documents.
  • Experience speedy, accurate comparisons without going through the entire document yourself. Simply upload the documents you want to compare and click Compare. GroupDocs Comparison does the rest.
  • Save time and improve accuracy. Manual comparison takes time and leaves your comparison process prone to pricey errors and oversights.
  • Protect your documents from unauthorized modifications. GroupDocs' document comparison app helps you see what's been added, edited or deleted. This way, you can instantly spot and clear any unauthorized changes.

Finalize a Document Faster by Working Online

Instead of downloading the compared document to decline or accept changes, do it directly with GroupDocs Comparison right in a web-browser. This helps you to finalize the document faster, as you have the option to do majority of the work online.

Introducing GroupDocs’ New Online Signature App Dashboard

The GroupDocs team is proud to introduce a brand new dashboard for its online signature app. The user interface is significantly improved: both design and functionality were modified in order to make the GroupDocs Signature Dashboard more intuitive, user-friendly and convenient for a fast and hassle-free online document signing process.

Let's have a closer look at the new features of the GroupDocs Signature Dashboard.

Simple Workflow

The online signature application guides you through each and every step of the online signing process. This simple workflow won't let you make a mistake during the process but enables you to get documents signed in minutes. The document preparation process now includes six simple steps. A wizard-style interface guides you, step by step, so that you don't get stuck.

GroupDocs' online signature app has a wizard-style interface

GroupDocs' online signature app has a wizard-style interface

Advanced Online Signing Options

GroupDocs' online signature app now offers several signing options:

1. Draw a signature using mouse controls.
2. Type your signature and let the app make a stylish signature for you.
3. Or simply upload an image of your signature using the upload option.

All these new features help you sign documents online faster. With GroupDocs' online signature app your business can shorten the signing process cycle from days to hours.

GroupDocs' online signature app interface - Signing options

GroupDocs' online signature app interface - Signing options

Please find more about GroupDocs' online signature service here.
You comments and suggestions are appreciated, so please feel free to contact us.

Document Management with GroupDocs

The GroupDocs dashboard provides you with several features for organizing files and folders. The new dashboard is very user friendly, so you get familiar with it pretty quickly. In this post, we focus on the GroupDocs dashboard. I'm going to list some of GroupDocs dashboard's key features useful for document management:

GroupDocs dashboard helps you organise your files and folders for better document management

Fig.1: GroupDocs dashboard helps you organise your files and folders for better document management

  • Perform actions easily: One of the main features of the GroupDocs dashboard is it intuitiveness. For instance, it's easy to access the action menu and perform actions on your files, for example, copy, move, share, delete, download, and archive.
  • Simple upload: Simply drag and drop your files to the DROP FILES HEREarea to upload them quickly. The uploaded files are listed on the dashboard.

    GroupDocs dashboard permits you to drag and drop your files for instant upload

    Fig.2: GroupDocs dashboard permits you to drag and drop your files for instant upload

  • View folder and file info: The dashboard shows you information about folders and files. For example, file format, modification date, size, whom it's shared with, etc. This helps you to quickly find documents.
  • Sort your files: The GroupDocs dashboard lets you sort files according to format, size, or modification date. Sort your files the way you want to you can finding files quickly.
  • Folder creation and navigation: Folder creation and navigation are super simple. Create as many folder you want, organize parent and child folders. The breadcrumb trail allows you to navigate easily without getting lost.

    Breadcrumb trail from GroupDocs allows easy folder navigation

    Fig.3: Breadcrumb trail from GroupDocs allows easy folder navigation

  • Search for files or folders: If you want to use an important file/folder instantly, but unable to find it, don't worry! use the search box to find it quickly.
  • Convert files: You can find many individual file conversion services online, which focus mainly on one particular type of file conversion. On contrary, using GroupDocs dashboard, you can convert your files into a variety of formats. GroupDocs support multiple file formats and their conversions. For instance, it supports DOCX to PDF, DOCX to HTML, DOCX to EPUB, PDF to JPEG, PNG to JPEG, to name a few.
  • Manage files: GroupDocs dashboard has the features you'd expect from a file browser so you can easily move, copy and delete files.
  • Share: Share important documents or folders with your friends or colleagues. Save time and effort through document collaboration.
  • Archive: When you no longer need a document, you can simply archive it. Archived documents can be retrieved later if required.
  • Download: If you need a soft copy of a document on your dashboard, simply download it to your computer. This is really useful for backing up your important documents.
  • Access other GroupDocs apps: From the GroupDocs dashboard, you access the other GroupDocs apps.

    Access other applications from GroupDocs dashboard

    Fig.4: Access other applications from GroupDocs dashboard

Good organisation plays a key role in document management. GroupDocs helps you to achieve this. Experience GroupDocs today and find a better document management solution.


GroupDocs June 2012 Newsletter – New UI and Features

In our last newsletter, we shared we were busy re-designing the whole GroupDocs UI and experience. We're very excited to share that these changes have been made: GroupDocs has a host of updated features and a new, vastly improved look & feel. We hope you like it. We've successfully implemented the user feedback we've received to date and look forward to hearing what you think of the changes: we're always listening to your requests.

GroupDocs New Features

Here are some of the changes we've introduced recently to our application UIs. We've highlighted some of these changes below. Log in to your account to see it in action!

GroupDocs Viewer heading

  • Easier to access tools and actions - send your documents to other GroupDocs apps for processing.
  • New thumbnail view to allow easier document navigation, or find a page quickly in a range.

GroupDocs Signature heading

  • A brand new, super simple Signature Dashboard that allows really easy management of your signature process.
  • Simply drag and drop documents onto the dashboard to start creating a new envelope.
  • New simple workflow walks you through the entire digital signature process.

GroupDocs Annotation heading

  • Add comments that appear as markers - collaborate really easily with your colleagues.
  • Now, new familiar tools are available for document annotation. You can include a shape to highlight a particular area, draw freehand, highlight or strike out text, add new text sections, and so on.
  • Annotate images as well as text documents.

GroupDocs Comparison heading

  • Easier to access tools and actions, a simplified and overhauled UI process.
  • New thumbnail view to move from one page to another, or find a page in a range.
  • Navigate differences really easily, use our next and previous buttons to see each change within a document.
  • Now, we also support comparison of PDF, XLS, and PPT files (BETA) . Here are the details:
  • PowerPoint - 'PPT', 'PPTX' Comparison support
    Excel - 'XLS', 'XLSX', 'XLSM', 'XLSB', 'CSV' Comparison support
    Adobe Acrobat - 'PDF' Comparison support
    'HTM', 'HTML' Comparison support

GroupDocs Assembly heading

  • New easy-to-follow workflow steps you through every step of the document assembly process.
  • Setting questions is now incredibly easy. All variables are available in a list view: simply enter a question for every variable.
  • Drag and drop templates directly into the app to upload them instantly.

GroupDocs Other Features heading

  • Share and manage document and folder sharing options directly from the GroupDocs Dashboard.
  • View, filter and sort documents based on their last modification, size, file format and name.
  • Fast, simple and powerful document conversion - all available in two clicks.
  • Drag and drop your documents into the appropriate folders for great document management.

Coming soon heading

You can expect some exciting new features in the near future:

  • Full Dropbox integration: Integrate Dropbox into your GroupDocs account. You can then sign, annotate, view, assemble and compare documents in your Dropbox account from within GroupDocs.
  • Team plans, and user admin functionality: Team plans let more than one user be added to a plan. Each user will have their own private space, and have a shared "My GroupDocs Team Folder" that is shared by the team.

We've had a bit of press in the last month. Here is some recent community activity:

Featured Blogpost heading

Document assembly (also known as document automation) is a complex topic. At GroupDocs we aim to make complex topics easier to get to grips with. Below is a link to a GroupDocs blog post that explains how to use GroupDocs Assembly for your document assembly needs: What is GroupDocs Assembly?

Thank you for choosing GroupDocs.

The GroupDocs Team


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