Announcing New Features of the GroupDocs’ Annotation App

GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based app that allows users to annotate PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents online, from a web-browser. With this app, you and your colleagues and partners can review and annotate a document simultaneously, in real time. We're constantly working to improve the app's interface and would like to introduce a new set of features we've recently designed and implemented.

Add and Manage Notes

GroupDocs Annotation lets you add notes throughout a document which show up as numbered markers. Hover the cursor over a marker to see the comment or click a marker sign on the right-hand side to go straight to the comment.

GroupDocs Annotation - UI

GroupDocs Annotation - UI

Familiar Editing Tools

We've added a set of new annotation tools and improved the existing ones. Now it is even easier to add notes to a document, wherever you want. With the new Area Notes and Polyline tools, you can easily highlight an area in a document. You may also find useful the new options that allows you to strike out text and add new text sections.

GroupDocs Annotation - Toolbar

GroupDocs Annotation - Toolbar

Work with Images

Good news for design teams. From now, GroupDocs Annotation allows you to upload, share and annotate images of all common formats. This way you can conveniently review and collaborate on sketches, mockups and complex designs with your team members in real time.

GroupDocs Annotation - Annotate PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents

GroupDocs Annotation - Annotate PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents


GroupDocs Annotation - Annotate Images

GroupDocs Annotation - Annotate Images

GroupDocs’ Online Signature App Dashboard: The New Look and Feel

We're constantly working to improve the functionality and user interface of our online document management apps. Today we introduce our online signature app's new user interface. The changes we are about to discuss are coming within the next weeks.

An Overview of the New Online Signature App Interface

The new GroupDocs Signature dashboard will look a lot like the main GroupDocs dashboard so it will feel familiar to GroupDocs users.

GroupDocs' online signature app - the new dashboard

GroupDocs' online signature app - the new dashboard

We developed a completely new workflow which leads you through the signing process step by step:

  1. Add one or more documents you want to be signed.
  2. Add signers and CCs. Fill in their details.
  3. Prepare an email for the recipients: add a subject and a message.
  4. Set up all necessary reminders.
  5. Add custom fields to the document to collect all needed information such as address, date, initials, etc.
  6. Save and send the envelope.
GroupDocs Signature - The online signing workflow

GroupDocs Signature - The online signing workflow

Let's now look at the online signing workflow more closely.

1.  Upload a document you want to get signed.

You can either specify a path to the file or use the new Drag and Drop feature to add it to an envelope.


GroupDocs Signature - Drag and drop interface

GroupDocs Signature - Drag and drop interface

2. Add recipients

You can add recipients as signers (those who are requested to sign the document) and/or as CCs (those who will receive a copy of the signed document). You can also add yourself as a recipient by clicking on the Add me button.

GroupDocs Signature - Specify recipients

GroupDocs Signature - Specify recipients

3. Add email information

Type an email subject and message. Be sure to include any information recipients need to know before signing a document.

GroupDocs Signature - Prepare an email

GroupDocs Signature - Prepare an email

4. Add reminders

Set up automatic reminders and don't worry about deadlines. Our online signature app sends email notifications, so that recipients won't miss to sign the document.

GroupDocs Signature - Reminders and envelope expiration

GroupDocs Signature - Reminders and envelope expiration

5. Add fields to the document

Add custom fields to the document to collect necessary data from the signers, such as name, address, title, date, etc.

GroupDocs Signature - Add custom fields

GroupDocs Signature - Add custom fields

DGroupDocs Signature - New tools

GroupDocs Signature - New tools

6. Save and send

Send the envelope right away or save it as a draft, so that you can come back and review it anytime later.

GroupDocs Signature - Check and save envelope settings

GroupDocs Signature - Check and save envelope settings

Announcing The New GroupDocs’ Online Signature Service Features

GroupDocs Signature is an online signature service that lets you collect signatures without the administrative overhead of printing, stuffing envelopes and posting. Simply email documents to your signers and wait for them to be signed. GroupDocs' online signature app is platform and software independent: the only thing a user needs to sign a document is a web browser, no additional software is required.

GroupDocs' online signature app - New dashboard

GroupDocs' online signature app - New dashboard

The current GroupDocs Signature dashboard lets you upload documents and send them to be signed in minutes. It tracks the signing process and notifies you once a document is signed. The whole online document signing process is pretty simple, but recently we've added several new features to make it even more convenient:

Contacts - allows you to add and save signers' contact details.
Signatures - lets you store your signature(s) in GroupDocs to make signing even faster.
Templates - allows you to save common documents as templates and reuse them when needed.

Now, let's consider these enhancements more closely:


Do you find yourself sending documents to the same people all the time? Is there one team member that needs to counter-sign all the documents you sign? Our online signature app lets you save signers' details in your contacts list. Enter a name, an email address and a title and include the contact whenever you need to get another document signed.

Managing contacts in the GroupDocs' online signature app

Managing contacts in the GroupDocs' online signature app


Do you need to sign documents online on behalf of your colleagues? With GroupDocs' online signature app, you can create several signatures so that you can sign for yourself or for one of your colleagues with a simple click. Even if you always sign documents in your own name, it's a convenient approach to store your electronic signature in your GroupDocs account. This way, it is always at hand and you do not have to repeatedly upload your signature image and enter your name and title.

Managing your signatures online

Managing your signatures online


Now, you can save an envelope as a template to speed up the sending process. A template holds a set of documents and signers so that all you have to do to get another document signed, is create a new envelope from the template and enter recipient emails before sending the document. Preparing documents for signature has never been such an easy task!

Using templates for fast document preparation

Using templates for fast document preparation

Introducing The New GroupDocs Dashboard and Online Document Viewer UI

We're about to launch a new interface for the GroupDocs Dashboard and our online document viewer app. We have overhauled the look and feel of the tools to make them more intuitive to use. At the moment, we're adding the final touches and making sure that everything works fine. The changes will be live in the next few weeks.

Here's what will change when the new interface goes live:

Dashboard interface:

  • Easier navigation thanks to added breadcrumbs;
  • All applications will be available from the Dashboard menu;
  • Drag and drop interface - allows you to easily upload documents;
  • Document sorting options - allows you to find documents quickly.

Online document viewer interface:

  • Improved look and feel;
  • Easier navigation.

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Performing document conversion and image conversion with GroupDocs

Earlier this week I talked about document conversion, including image conversion, and why you'd want to do it. Today, I'll show you how to perform two tasks: first, how to convert the pages in a document to images and then how to convert an image from one format to another.

Document conversion is one of the services that GroupDocs offers. You can convert documents you've uploaded to a number of different formats. Exactly which formats depends on the type of document. Microsoft Word files can be converted to all kinds of different formats, from plain text TXT files to HTML. You can also convert the pages in a document to images that you can then use in presentations, other documents or online. For example, you can convert from PDF to JPG, DOC to JPG and many other file formats.

As well as document to image conversion, you can use GroupDocs to perform image to image conversion.  Image files, for example PNGs, JPGs and so on, can be converted to other image files. You do image conversion from the GroupDocs dashboard.

Document conversion: converting a document to a series of images

  1. Navigate to a document in GroupDocs dashboard.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Select a format from the list.
  4. Click Convert.
    Each page in the document is converted to an image and saved with the new file extension. For example, if you selected JPG, all pages as converted to JPG files. Images are saved to a ZIP file that you can download. The ZIP is also saved to the My Conversions folder.
Document conversion: a two-slide presentation converted to JPG.

A two-slide presentation converted to JPG.

Image conversion: converting an image from one format to another

  1. Navigate to an image in GroupDocs dashboard.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. Select a format from the list.
  4. Click Convert.
    The file is converted and saved with the new file extension. For example, if you selected PNG from the Convert menu, the original image is converted to PNG and saved as FILENAME.png. Like all converted documents, the new file is saved in My Conversions.


Image conversion: conversion progress when converting a JPG to PNG.

Conversion progress when converting a JPG to PNG.

6 Situations When You Need to Convert Documents

One of the features that GroupDocs offers is document conversion, converting documents from one file formats to another. There are lots of different reasons why this is such a big deal. If you've never been sent a file you couldn't open, or had a file you sent somewhere returned to you because the recipient couldn't open it - you've been lucky! It is becoming much easier to send documents from one application or operating system to another. In the mid-90s, a Word document created on a Mac, for example, could not easily be opened on a Windows PC. Now, what operating system you have isn't a barrier to sharing documents. The problems now is mostly which programs, and which program versions, you have. Still, converting documents is still not always easy.

Converting documents saves time and effort

Below is a list of six different occasions when it is really handy to be able to convert documents between formats. Four of the examples start with a Microsoft Word file, DOC, and converts it to other formats: DOC to HTML, DOC to PDF, DOC to JPG and, finally, DOC to ODT. I also explain why you might want to convert between Word versions: DOCX to DOC. Not all documents are word documents so there's also a scenario for when you might want to convert a PowerPoint presentation to image file: PPTX to JPG. At the end, you'll hopefully have a good idea of why converting documents is useful and how GroupDocs can help you.

1. Your brochure would work great as pages on your website - DOC to HTML

When you run a small company you often find yourself doing everything, from the core focus of your business to marketing, finance and administration. You put together presentation to sell your product or services to potential clients, you write brochure and do a lot of your own graphic design. It makes your life easier if you can re-use some of the materials that you create.

With GroupDocs you can convert DOC and DOCX files to a whole host of other formats, including HTML. This means that you can easily turn your Word brochure into pages that you can include on your website.

2. You want to give someone a document that cannot be edited - DOC to PDF

Sometimes you don't want people to be able to edit the documents you send them. Take the brochure we talked about earlier, for example. You don't want to send the Word original to people but rather something they cannot edit.

PDF files are perfect for this. With GroupDocs, you can convert almost any document to PDF. The great thing about PDFs is that most people can read them, they can't be edited and they look like the original document. PDFs are common on the web: you can easily put a link to a PDF file on your website. But not all programs have features for converting documents to PDF, or saving documents to PDF.

Converting documents: converting DOC to PDF.

Converting a Word file to PDF.

There are many different uses for PDF files. PDF is also a handy format for archiving files once they are complete. For example, convert invoices to PDF files and upload them to your online accounting software to have copies that can be opened by anyone, anywhere but cannot be edited. You'll find that there are lots of plugins and online applications for converting documents to PDF. GroupDocs makes sure that the converted document looks like the original and lets you convert to other formats too.

3. A picture of a document would look good on your website - DOC to JPG

So, you have a website and you've created a brand new brochure. You want it on the website, but not as a set of pages, the way I descried in point 2 above. Instead, you want a picture of the attractive cover on your website. People can then click the image to download a PDF you prepared earlier.

With GroupDocs, you can convert documents to a variety of different formats, including images. From DOC and DOCX you can convert to JPG, a popular online format. If you want to use a different image you can convert the JPG to PNG or GIF both popular internet image formats.

4. A slide in one of your presentations would look good in another document - PPTX to JPG

When you have worked hard to make a great presentation, you'll want to re-use the information and graphics on the slides. As with Microsoft Word documents, you can convert the slides in a presentation to images which you can then use in other presentations, documents or websites.

A two-slide presentation converted to JPG.

A two-slide presentation converted to JPG.

5. Someone sends you a compressed Word document and you can't open it - DOCX to DOC

Microsoft Office 2007 introduced DOCX, their default document format, in 2006. Five years later, not everyone has a word processing program that can work with DOCX, but need DOC or other types of files.

Someone who can save to DOCX can also save to DOC. But if you get a DOCX and you need DOC, what do you do? You can ask the originator to save the document in the right format and send it back to you. Or you can upload the file to GroupDocs and convert it to DOC - or any other format that you want.

6. You're working with someone who doesn't have Microsoft Office - DOC to ODT

Microsoft Office is almost - but not quite - everywhere. There's a similar product called OpenOffice (LibreOffice is based on the same core) that is free and quite popular. The default format for OpenOffice's word processing application is ODT (open document). GroupDocs can convert Word documents to a number of different formats, including ODT.

Also, be sure to find out how to convert images with GroupDocs Conversion.

Sharing Documents Online Through GroupDocs

GroupDocs lets you collaborate with colleagues or friends in different ways. We've described how to upload documents and how to use GroupDocs Signature. Today, we're going back to basics.

The first step to collaboration is sharing ideas and documents. With GroupDocs, sharing documents is easy and safe. You and your colleagues can work together without having to worry whether you have the same applications or the same operating systems and versions.

Collaboration: sharing a document through GroupDocs

  1. Navigate to the file you want to share.
  2. From the Action menu, select Share.
  3. Type one or more email addresses into the Sharing dialog.
  4. Click Share.
  5. Close the dialog.

An email is sent to the recipients. It contains a link to the document you've shared. The recipients can either log in and view the file, or download it directly from the email.

GroupDocs makes collaboration and document sharing easy. Access the Share option from the Action menu.

Access the Share option from the Action menu and collaborate with your colleagues.

Why Use an Online Signature Application?

In the digital world e-signature is actively replacing the traditional way of signing documents. Today, you can find a large number of online signature services on the market. All of them intend to help people sign documents online, using only a web browser. If you're wondering why such applications are so popular, and what benefits they provide, this article is for you.

The Benefits of an Online Signature Application

Save Time

The normal process of signing a contract includes updating a document with client information, printing or scanning it, filing, signing, mailing, and then waiting for the signed document to be returned. Sometimes these steps are repeated, for example, if there are errors in the document, signatures have been missed out, delivery issues or other problems. Even sending the document through physical mail takes time: first you have to enclose the document in an envelope, bring it to a post office and then wait till the recipient gets your mail, signs the document and sends it back. It can take days or even weeks.

With an online signature app, such as GroupDocs Signature, you can get a document signed online in minutes even if your customers or partners are located in different countries. GroupDocs' online signature app allows you to upload a document, add all necessary information, sign it and invite signers to sign the document via email. Both you and the signers are informed by email once the document is signed.

Save Money

We've just discussed how utilizing an online signature app saves your time. But don't forget: time is money. With an online signature app you can get contracts closed in minutes! Moreover, using an online signature service is much more cost effective than signing documents in a traditional way - you don't have to pay for paper, ink, printer or scanner maintenance, mail delivery, etc.

Your Documents are Safe and Secure

With an online signature service you don't need to worry about security issues because your documents are encrypted and stored securely online, so nobody can fake your identity and forge your signature. Your documents are fully protected from unauthorized access.

Your Online Signature is Absolutely Legal

The Federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act which was signed in the USA in 2000 gave electronic signatures the same legal standing as handwritten ones.

Documents signed with a reputable online signature service are absolutely legally binding in most developed countries. So you can be sure that your electronic signature is as legal as its hard copy and acceptable on legal documents.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Finally, by switching to an online signature approach you're saving hundred of trees and commit to environment-friendly technologies.

What's Next?

Learn how to use GroupDocs Signature to sign a document.

GroupDocs' online signature app's dashboard

GroupDocs' online signature app's dashboard

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