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"GroupDocs is a conglomerate of Office tools placed under the same roof and for the sake of understanding, it can be seen as Microsoft Office on the web."

Alex Serban


Multiple File Formats Support

Compare PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files

GroupDocs.Comparison provides a one-stop solution for comparing documents in all common business file formats. It can be used to compare two PDF files, Word documents, Excels spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, OpenDocument, HTML or plain text files.

Compare Documents Anywhere

Compare Documents Anytime, Anywhere

GroupDocs.Comparison enables you and your team to compare documents and stay productive wherever you are. It is a web-based solution that doesn’t require any software installation and works across desktop and mobile devices regardless of operating system or browser.

One Interface Across Platforms

One Interface for Comparing All Documents

A single intuitive interface for all file types makes it easy to review and compare even the most complex documents online. Found differences are visualized with a redline “Track Changes” view approach already familiar to Microsoft Word users.

Compare Two Word Documents Online

Advanced Support for Microsoft Word Files

When comparing Microsoft Word documents, GroupDocs.Comparison allows you to accept or reject changes and merge the documents into a resulting file. Alternatively, documents can be saved to a Word file with the native “Track Changes” feature enabled for further offline review.

Suite of Collaboration Tools

Do More with a Suite of Collaboration Tools

With GroupDocs.Comparison, you can do a lot more than just compare documents online. It comes with a comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to view, annotate, convert and electronically sign over 50 common document types online, using only a web-browser.

Integrate into Any System

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Take advantage of our robust APIs to add online document comparison functionality to your own application, content management system or business process. We offer a RESTful API for SaaS deployment, and a .NET library for on-premises deployment.