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"The GroupDocs team has been extremely helpful during the evaluation period and have added extra functionality that we required. We are hoping for more new features in the future!"

Margaret George

General Manager
at Business Fitness

Security Comes First

Security Is First

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud is hosted using industry-leading Amazon EC2 infrastructure which provides state-of-the-art security and guarantees privacy of your documents. All data and document transfers are made over SSL. Read more about our servers' security.

Generate Any Document

Generate Any Document You Need

No matter how lengthy or complex your templates are, GroupDocs.Assembly is an ideal solution if you need to populate them with custom data. To name just a few examples, GroupDocs.Assembly can be used to generate:

  • Sales contracts
  • Business loan packages
  • Attendance records
  • Employment contracts
  • Invoices
  • Estate planning packages
  • Event tickets
  • Offer letters
  • NDAs
  • Land lease agreements
  • Proposals
  • Patient intake forms
Flexible Data Source Options

Flexible Data Source Options

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud is an out-of-the-box application designed to let non-developer users to assemble documents based on the data collected through web forms. The web-forms can be easily designed, associated with your PDF or Word template and sent out to multiple recipients – all from within GroupDocs.Assembly.

Although web forms are the primary data source, we also offer a RESTful API and .NET library that allow developers to link your document templates to other data sources, such as an XML file or a database. If you need to link your templates to some other data sources, please feel free to contact us.

Perfect for Your Team

Perfect for Your Team

GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud allows your team to create, store and manage templates along with finished documents in a shared environment. Being platform-agnostic, the application can be accessed by your team members regardless of where they are located and using any web-enabled device with an Internet connection. And thanks to account permission settings, you have complete control over who can access which documents and functionality.

Perfect for Your Team

All-in-One Document Collaboration Suite

Do even more than just assemble documents online. Collaborate on documents with your team, partners and customers, and get your work done faster using a complete GroupDocs for Cloud suite, which includes the following tools:

  • GroupDocs.Viewer: allows you to view over 50 common document and image types, including PDF and Microsoft Office, from any device and without having to install any software.
  • GroupDocs.Annotation: allows you to collaboratively review and annotate documents online. You can invite multiple users to annotate the same document simultaneously in real-time, regardless of where they are located.
  • GroupDocs.Signature: a secure electronic signature application that allows you to get documents signed faster without the need for printing, scanning, faxing and mailing.
  • GroupDocs.Comparison: highlights differences between two versions of a document.
  • GroupDocs.Conversion: lets you convert back and forth between over 50 document and image file formats.