.NET Libraries

Add document collaboration capabilities to your apps using our .NET libraries. On-premises deployment ensures complete control over documents.

Java Libraries

Document viewing and collaboration Java libraries for on-premises deployment and easy integration with your web & mobile applications.

Cloud APIs

SaaS deployment allows you to embed document viewing and collaboration functionality into your websites and apps without any admin overhead.

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GroupDocs is a conglomerate of Office tools placed under the same roof and for the sake of understanding, it can be seen as Microsoft Office on the web.

This is awesome! Since I deal a lot with clients who scan a lot of documents and just work with lots of documents in general, I have always thought about how I could go about doing something like this. Sorta like a local GitHub repo for clients docs. Very cool! Great work

You can add comments and mark up your text in real-time, much like documents in Google Drive.

Whether your organization is large or small, GroupDocs will make your life easier when it comes to working together with colleagues and collaborating on major projects online.

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After implementing and using GroupDocs Viewer for .NET in the project it looks to be working very well. I have tested with a lot of documents and so far so good. Everything I've thrown at it renders nicely and looks just as good as it would in a PDF viewer or MS Word.
Source: Blog Post

The GroupDocs team has been extremely helpful during the evaluation period and have added extra functionality that we required. We are hoping for more new features in the future!
Case Study (PDF)

Excellent service and excellent products. They were extremely helpful and responsive during the GroupDocs Viewer for .NET implementation process, can't recommend them highly enough.

Integrating GroupDocs Viewer for Cloud API was simple with their fantastic Ruby SDK. There aren't that many companies out there who are willing to work with us on what we want. It's a great partnership.

I am excitedly watching the growth of GroupDocs. The responsiveness of your full team has helped me greatly, when I talk to someone at GroupDocs I can guarantee that someone is listening and making things happen.

Mats Oustad
Mats Oustad

Senior Consultant/Partner
at Novanet AS

Margaret George
Margaret George

General Manager
at Business Fitness

Martin Lasarga
Martin Lasarga

Product Manager
at Axentria ECM by G.S.I.

Margot Baill
Margot Baill

Product Development Director
at Hireology

David Hoffman
David Hoffman

PhD, Psychologist